Together 4ever bands have special meaning to my family and I. A few years ago, my wife and I watched a movie that I do not remember much about. In that movie, the actors, while using a hand signal, said, “You and me together forever.” I started using the phrase and an adapted hand signal with my son and daughter each night before they would go to bed. My daughter decided it would be great to put up two fingers as if making the peace sign. She moved her two fingers in a circular motion and said, “you and me together for-DEFINITELY-ever!” and crossed her fingers over one another. This has become a family ritual. Rituals are awesome because they help foster a sense of safety, familiarity, closeness, structure, and love. As a licensed clinical social worker I have learned that rituals can enhance relational memories.

wearingGreenRingOne day, she gave me a silicone bracelet that was clearly not going to be able to fit my wrist, so I tied it around two of my fingers. My daughter and I immediately decided that it could be called a together forever ring. That is when the idea started. We, as a family, began to think about how great it would be for people to give these types of rings to one another. As a result, we made a design and filed a patent. My daughter said that I would need to wear the ring until I die as a reminder that we are together forever. Our family believes that we will go to heaven and will in fact be together for DEFINITELY ever! These rings stand for commitment. We believe that commitment means sacrifice, perseverance, selflessness, endurance, and love no matter what. Commitment is something we believe in as a family, and we hope you do too. It is the hope of my family that as these are worn, you remember the commitments you have made and the ones that have been made towards you.

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